Planning & Development

From initial planning through to the construction phase, we provide drawings and reports to assist in the smooth transition from ideas to implementation. Where trees are present the local authorities require a tree survey to BS 5837 (2012).

We can also produce tree constraints plans, construction exclusion zones, tree protection plans, Arboricultural impact assessments and Arboricultural method statements. Tree surveys carried out early on in a project can be very helpful in identifying possible issues at the initial proposal phase, thereby mitigating costs.

View Case Study NHS

With a large scale redevelopment project underway, our task was to survey all of the trees to BS5837. Our Arboricultural Report included recommendations for tree retention, removal, protection and replanting.

View Case Study Private Client

The trees for our client were covered by a tree protection order. A survey was required as part of the planning application for a new build. We carried out tree Surveys to BS 5837: (2012) and following the report, our client obtained planning permission and proceeded with his development project.

Health & Safety

If you own a property with trees, you are legally obliged to ensure that the trees on your land are in a safe condition and not considered a risk to others. This duty of care is the responsibility of whoever owns the trees (business or home). Our health and safety surveys provide invaluable information about the condition of trees and any associated risks for both commercial and private clients

View Case Study High Street Kensington (Rail)

Third party trees were causing leaf problems on the tracks so we were called in to inspect the area. We have been on site on regular occasions and the trees are currently being monitored as they are within a Conservation Area which places restrictions on what can be done. This is an ongoing assignment.

View Case Study Additional Land Survey

A client with a complicated land ownership portfolio wanted 24 sites surveyed and the vegetation checked. We assessed the trees with regard to health and safety to the railway environment and adjacent third party property. From our surveys the client has since been able to prioritise a works schedule.

Tree Management

Our tree management services range from overseeing contractor works, to preparing long term tree management strategies. With over two decades of experience of managing hundreds of trees across London Underground’s routes, we are proud to be an obvious choice for many when it comes to instructing tree management surveys.

Not only do we manage numerous contracts for ongoing tree management projects, we also inspect over 250 km of railway trees and vegetation on a regular basis.

View Case Study 10 year plan

The client wanted tree budgets for the management of 200km of track side land for a ten year period. As part of the budget forecasting, it was essential to deal with known high risk sites first. We conducted a full risk assessment and recommended works, based on the most urgent jobs taking priority. The client was presented with a full, workable schedule of sites and budget costs, from which he is now in the process of preparing for tender.

View Case Study Tree Scopes

In 2012 our client wanted to conduct work to the areas identified as being the highest risk to track safety. We used our own GIS land management system and inspections to identify the areas that were in most need of attention. We undertook site visits, prepared tender drawings and documentation, and assisted the client with a tender appraisal. We managed the tree work on site and audited the job on completion. The contracts were completed satisfactorily and the overall safety of the sites improved.

View Case Study BCV,SSL

The client has been engaged by London Underground Ltd to maintain the trackside land vegetation and commissioned Norton Associates to carry out quarterly inspections of trees and vegetation on the trackside land.

We inspect the condition of trees each quarter, covering over 250km of trackside land

Having previously surveyed all the trees on London Undergrounds trackside land via different contracts, the new data collected is added to our Land Management System. An appraisalof the data collected is done and reportsare submitted to the client detailing urgent work.

The client is able to deal with any urgent tree work as soon as it is identified and be proactive by removing trees that have been identified asposing as potential risk to safety. Data allows long term management planning

Tree & Vegetation Surveys

For over 20 years we have been surveying trees and vegetation, during which time we have developed our own GIS based land management software programme. Our software has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements we need to produce effective surveys and ongoing management advice.

We can produce drawings using GPS, Laser, LiDAR and Aerial methods, all of which can be exported into most digital formats. Our surveys can record the location of each tree, with full data including a complete health and safety audit, followed by a risk assessment if required.

View Case Study JNP, BCV,SSL

The client wanted to know what trees and vegetation was on his trackside land, their condition and any third party trees which be a risk to track safety so he could better manage risk and costs

We have surveyed all London Underground Lines via different contractstrackside land trees amounting to over 360km. These have been mapped in ourown GIS and full data put into our own Land Management System (LMS). We formulated and allocated a risk score for each tree or tree compartment based upon its location and condition and attributes. Using this scoring process we assign a priority for work to be done. From the LMS we are able to query tree data, supply reports, target urgent work or detail any work required by the client

The client is now getting us to undertake regular tree inspections, resulting in the number of trees impacting train movements being significantly reduced each year.

View Case Study Various Locations

The client wanted to know what trees and vegetation was on his trackside land, their condition and any third party trees which be a risk to track safety so he could better manage risk and costs

We carry out ongoing tree surveys where more detailed tree surveys and inspections are required

The client is getting reports on site specific issues relating to track safety or risk to third party property

Mortgage & Insurance

Trees and foliage can add value to a home, but can also present a risk. Many mortgage and insurance companies require a full, arboricultural survey before lending funds on a property. The same applies to insurance companies, who may be concerned about subsidence or structural damage. At Norton Associates, we provide clear, concise reports in a timely manner, to ensure that your property’s trees are a risk free asset.