We undertake all types of topographical surveys and are able to inspect sites of all sizes, providing as much detail as needed, which can be exported in most formats. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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We assisted our client with his programme of updating signalling equipment by surveying 30 sites across the rail network. We supplied drawings which enabled him to design new buildings and work within his schedule and budget.


Our aerial surveys and mapping services are commissioned for a variety of reasons. There are many applications for which the aerial surveys can be used.

Our surveys incorporate the latest technology including Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), UAV, Helicopter and Drone systems.

View Case Study Aerial Survey

The client wanted to carry out work to trees where branches were hanging over the railway tracks. By using aerial photographs in conjunction with CAD technology, we could quickly identify the areas that needed attention. On completion of the survey we were able to provide a schedule of sites for major tree scopes, and a list of sites where minor work was required.


3D laser scanning or cloud surveys, increases the speed and accuracy in the creation of plans, elevations and profiles. Accurate volumes and area calculations can be determined from the 3D geometry created from point clouds. Sections can be taken from any point through the 3D data collected. A big advantage of a cloud point survey is that you have a 3D image of the inspected area. With this image you can extract further data at a later stage, without the need to revisit the site or conduct a new survey.


The GIS (geographic information system) is used to collect and map assets and data. This is a technique frequently used by us for our clients, including London Underground. With the information provided by us, clients have used the findings of our surveys to contribute to their cyclical inspections, analysis and reporting process.