We offer a range of intrusive soil sampling services. The surveys we provide include Bore Holes, Window Sampling, Dynamic Probing, Plate Loading tests, Soil testing, Cable Percussive Drilling and Asbestos Investigations.

We use the most up to date technology to carry out all types of laboratory testing and produce quality survey reports.

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We were commissioned to carry out ground investigation tests to numerous sites in preparation for an upgrade to London Underground’s signalling system. We project managed the investigations, most of which had many issues regarding difficult access, permitted works and plant approvals. Our investigation included hand excavation pits, concrete testing, soil sampling, cable percussion boreholes, laboratory & WAC testing and asbestos screening. With the data , our client was able to produce structural drawings.


Our non-intrusive surveys using Ferroscans, Ground Penetrating Radar or CAT scans is useful for identifying buried objects including steelwork, ducting, cables, pipes and structures.

The team at Norton & Associates are able to provide knowledgeable advice on which approach would be best, depending on the objective of the survey.

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With an unforgiving deadline, our brief was to provide non-intrusive surveys as part of the signal upgrade works for London Underground. We used Ferroscans, GPR and CAT scanning to collect information about the location and construction of existing structures. The findings in our reports enabled our client to make sound structural design decisions.


Knowing the location, routes and depths of existing pipes, cables and other buried infrastructure is a principal requirement for those engaged in feasibility studies, design, construction and asset maintenance.

By utilising a variety of techniques including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), CAT Location, Radio Detection, Electromagnetic and Acoustic Wave Technologies we provide an accurate, all round investigation of any given area.

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As part of our commitment to the re-working of the London Underground’s signalling system, we were commissioned to conduct utility surveys for each site. Each service route was marked up on site and plotted in CAD. The client used our reports and drawings to plan his works and meet his deadlines.


A desktop study is an important tool when a complete overview of a site and its potential hazards is required. These reports are often requested by the Local Authority or Environment Agency and give an overview of the site’s history and geology, focusing on any potential environmental risk.

We offer a range of services including Bomb risk assessments, Chemical reports, Flood mitigation, and Environmental inspections.

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Our desktop studies were utilised when assisting London Underground with their signalling upgrade. Our commission included the usual statutory services, plus research into any risk of WW2 Bombs, which are sill being found in London.