Assets Surveys

Because of our extensive work with London Underground, we have over 20 years of experience of mapping and inspecting railway assets across most of the tube network.

Our experience ranges from large scale audits to site specific surveys, whereby we have visited most assets and structures in one form or another across the Underground Network.

View Case Study Asset Verification

We were commissioned to carry out an onsite survey of all Civil assets for BCV and SSL. We prepared the required documentation as well as arranging access and overseeing training and protection for the entire project. From our survey, our client was able to verify his database and amend relevant assets in preparation for future inspection schedules.

View Case Study Cable Runs

Our brief was to break up into 100m sections, cable runs belonging to BCV and SSL. The cable runs were surveyed using GPS to locate the start and finish of each section, having arranged all necessary documentation for access and protection for day and night work. Over 4000 sections were mapped into GIS and the data inputted into our LMS system; each having its own principal inspection report. Our survey provided our client with a CAD drawing and a database from which he was able to carry out further inspections and implement urgent repair work.

View Case Study Draw Pits

Our brief was to locate and carry out a principal inspection on over 300 cable draw-pits. Draw-pits were plotted onto CAD drawings and principal reports were produced. Any urgent issues were raised and dealt with as they became apparent, which gave plenty of time to analyse the data and prepare a future upgrade and repair programme.


Our services include Superficial, Principal and Special inspections.

We regularly review fencing and gates to monitor their condition, trespass risk, third party boundary issues and other security concerns.

We also prepare management plans and budget costs to help with financial forecasting.

View Case Study Fences

Having previously surveyed the majority of fencing and gates for London Underground we were then commissioned to carry out regular inspections. Our monthly inspections and site specific knowledge enable our clients to keep their boundaries secure, through speedy repairs and the installation of improved fencing.