Structural Surveys

We carry out a range of Intrusive and Non-intrusive structural investigations to provide a full picture of a building, to allow for structural calculations and designs. We have particular experience in working in difficult locations where access to the sites can be challenging.

View Case Study SER Intrusive and Non-Intrusive surveys

With the requirement for a major signalling upgrade programme our client needed assistance with intrusive and non-intrusive surveys of rooms within buildings spanning over 70 sites . Our investigations included ferroscans, GPR, pilot holes, core sampling, surface removal and archive searches.

View Case Study Reclassify Assets

Our client wanted to normalise current data held within their system, through the re-classification of existing civil assets. We surveyed over 100 stations to identify the structural elements within each building and reclassify them.

For every station we produced a marked up structural layout, locating each asset. The client used our reports to update his database and portfolio of drawings, from which he was able to prepare further programmes of inspection.


Our extensive experience gained through undertaking many types of inspections which include Superficial, Principal and Special inspections, along with measured room surveys, enables us to offer a comprehensive and cost effective service.

Our services also include the provision of 3D LIDAR surveys.

View Case Study Room Surveys

The client commissioned Norton & Associates to assist with collecting data on his assets across the entire network, which amounted to several hundred units. We arranged for all necessary training, documentation, access arrangements and protection. We collected data on the contents and fittings, and from our reports our client was able to use the data to update his records.

View Case Study Superficial and Special Inspections

We were commissioned to conduct inspections across several hundred sites for London Underground. Due to our reporting, our client was able to meet his target inspection dates.

View Case Study Measured Building Surveys

Our role for this assignment was to conduct measured building surveys for 30 sites across the London Underground Network. The purpose of our survey was to enable our client to have accurate information to be in position to implement a new signalling system. We supplied our client with CAD drawings which enabled him to prepare his installation schedule.

View Case Study 3D Surveys

We arranged and completed the laser scanning of numerous sites across the London Underground network, with a view to assisting the client in the upgrade of complete signal works. Having presented our client with laser surveys and CAD drawings, he was able to use the data for design work.


Our testing services include Pull testing, Load Bearing assessments, Concrete Compressive testing and Concrete Scanning to name but a few.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs about how we can provide specific testing that meet your requirements.

View Case Study Pull Testing

The brief from our client was to conduct a review of how Vossioh screws might be sufficient within a concrete structure. We carried out a pull test to 60kN into concrete locations determined by the client. The test proved successful but raised questions, which enabled the client to enter into discussions with the manufacturer.

View Case Study Concrete Scanning

Our client needed concrete structures scanned in order to find out the thickness of each unit and if there were steel reinforcements present.

With our concrete scanning reporting, our client was able to ascertain the status of each unit, which enabled him to progress with his schedule of works. This assignment was conducted at short notice and we produced the relevant documentation in a timely manner.